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Stamibio Serum

Dermocosmetic serum for revitalizing and regenerating the face skin, especially for eye contour. It acts on dark circles under eyes & wrinkles, improving the skin resistance & elasticity.

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- Builds a healthy digestive system*
- Supports the intestinal flora balance*
- Provides a daily intake of 2 billion probiotic living cells*
- Allergen free tested*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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GUNA-Flu stands out from the competition because it contains specific ingredients not only for immune modulation, but also to work on the duration and severity of symptoms. Try it! Take a vial before going to bed and let us know how you feel.

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GUNA-Sleep is a homeopathic blend of choice herbal and metabolic factors that help the sleep mechanism improving the circadian rhythms.

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Stamibio Beauty Cream

Stamibio Beauty is a regenerating cosmetic dermaceutical cream for the face and neck with Roe extract, Jojoba Oil, Coenzyme Q10, Oligo-elements and Plant Extracts formulated with the most advanced Italian cosmetic methodology. It has a specific and complete composition with distinct nourishing, protective and revitalizing properties that gently penetrate and restore the skin. Stamibio Beauty is quickly absorbed. It protects and helps restore tone and radiance to the skin of the face and neck.

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For the temporary relief of symptoms due to seasonal allergies such as: sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes

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For the temporary relief of symptoms due to acute and chronic Sinus Infection: Sinus Headaches, Post Nasal Drip, Nasal Congestion

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Omeosport is a unique formulation for cellular energy metabolism. It helps athletic performance and reduce recovery time. "After using Omeosport, I am having great results (...) I am pushing hard, recovery is excellent" says International Triathlon Competitor, and Ironman, Roger Girard

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The advanced nano-molecular format of Omeosport

Take your training to the next level with OMEOSPORT. Omeosport uses your body own metabolism at hand to produce cellular energy. Push yourself farther, feel stronger, and be inspired! Please contact us to listen a 15 minute podcast on the advanced nanomolecular format of Omeosport: info@gunainc.com